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Elegantly handcrafted, this gold plated cuff bracelet features a winning combination of an exquisite white keishi freshwater petal pearl alongside an aura quartz crystal. Crushed pyrite adds a sparkling accent throughout the piece.

Pyrite is commonly known as fool's gold, and has a magnificent luster that is somewhere between a silver and gold tone. Raw pyrite inspires creativity, protects against harm or danger as well as enhances assertive energies.Quartz is known to promote harmony, amplify energy, as well as clarity and calmness.Pearls can be used in assisting with calming and centering as well as acting as a strong symbol of femininity connecting women with their inner goddess.SIZE:The bracelets are one size fits most, but the ends are slightly adjustable for a snugger fit. The pyrite bar on the bracelet measures 7mm X 38mm at widest point, and is 18k gold plated copper. The pyrite is hand crushed and arranged so it may vary from the pyrite in the listing.  Please note: it is normal for some flecks of pyrite to flake off over time with normal wear and tear. Listing is not for this exact bracelet but one of same design. Mother Nature rarely duplicates itself so crushed pyrite may vary slightly from bracelet in the picture. To preserve the lifetime of the pieces, limit any exposure to water.

Elegant Pearl Cuff Bracelet


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